Being a multidisciplinary agency, we master the intersecting fields of design and technology and provide a broad spectre of services within these areas.

Our core services evolve around visual identity design, graphic design as well as digital design and development.


Visual Identity

A visual identity is the essential backbone of every brand. Having a strong visual identity means having the power to communicate and propel a brand’s unique culture and aspirations. And to define its present and future in a clear visual language.

Our services around visual identities include strategy, analysis, research, concept design, identity design, prototyping and implementation of the final identity across all platforms and media.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is the craft of forming visual communication that aligns with a brand’s visual identity, its message and its target group. 

Our work within graphic design includes editorial design, campaign design, design of stationary, signage, books, magazines, posters, illustrations and infographics.

Digital Design

Digital design brings a brand and its visual identity to life on digital platforms. It’s a creative science of blending aesthetics, service design and technology that fosters valuable interaction between brand and user. The field is ever changing and ever fascinating.

Our digital design services comprises informational architecture, wire framing, user stories, user experience, user interface, visual design and prototyping.


Development is the magic craft of using advanced technology to design new elegant tools for communication or service purposes. It’s where systems talk with systems and users with users. It’s engineering innovative solutions to challenges that cannot be addressed with standard measures.

Our experience within development is extensive and our services specialised to each task. We work with prototyping, automated animations and graphics, web development, app development, tool and service development. The list goes on.

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